If you like the ALIX LONDON aesthetic but have something unique in mind, a bespoke garment is the perfect option. Alix will guide you through each step and you will have complete control throughout the process.

Typical timelines are 6-9 months for bespoke garments. See our booking page to organise an initial consultation. If you have any mood boards or reference images, feel free to share these at the same time. Please email them to info@alix-london.com.


We have two options for bespoke garments. If you would like to create a one-off design, our fully bespoke service is for you.


If you would like to make changes to an existing design in the collection (like changing a neckline, adding straps), or have an existing design made to your measurements, then our semi-bespoke option is for you.


In this session you will work with Alix to explore and clarify your vision. Whether you have a specific idea or something less defined at this stage, we will discuss in depth your inspiration, styles you like, and details of your wedding. Alix will help guide you towards final designs and advise on fabrics, silhouettes and details.

If you are attending the consultation in person, you are also welcome to try on different styles in the collection to see which silhouettes and fabrics you prefer.


Following the initial consultation we share final designs along with fabric swatches and make any changes based on your feedback. At this stage we will also take a full set of measurements. The first fitting for bespoke garments is usually done in calico rather than the final fabric (known as a toile). Creating the toile is the first step in perfecting the silhouette and lines of the design to perfectly complement your body. It’s also a chance to make any design changes before the final fabric is cut.

Fittings happen in our London atelier with our head seamstress. We ask that you bring the underwear and shoes you plan to wear on the day. Underwear can change the proportions and fit of a garment so it’s important to be consistent at each fitting.


Once the toile has been finalised, Alix will create your personal fitting schedule based on your requirements. For the next fitting, your dress will be made up to about 80% completion. This is known as a shell fitting, and allows for changes to be made before linings and components like zips are added.

Brides choosing a fully bespoke design typically require three fittings. Each fitting will be a chance to further refine the fit and details to produce a meticulously crafted garment, unique to you. In the final fitting you will be able to try on the finished garment and take it home with you.


Prices for semi-bespoke start from £2,000 for shorter pieces and £3,500 for full length. Prices for fully bespoke start from £5,000. The final price depends on the complexity of the design and the fabrics chosen. We provide an initial estimate before the first consultation based on your brief. A final estimate will be provided after the first consultation along with the final design sketches.